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Financial Planner or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER? One Word Can Make a World of Difference

Martha and Matt have goals. They want to find the time and the money to travel with their kids. They want to better manage their household finances. They want to help pay for their kids to attend college.

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A Baker’s Dozen for the Bottom Line: 13 Financial Hacks to Save Time, Money and Hassle

People are constantly looking for “hacks”: ways to improve their lives, to do more with less, to find new ways to gain and maintain an edge. It’s called progress, and it’s something human beings seemingly are wired to want and to seek.

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Kids, Parents and Paying for College: Seven Steps to Striking the Right Balance you’re a student who wants to go to college, or you’re the parent of a student with college aspirations, the dollar figures can be daunting. As of 2017, according to the College Board, the average all-in price (including tuition and fees) for four years at an in-state public college approaches $40,000.

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