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A Household Spending Plan You Can Actually Stick To

There’s a reason why so many people don’t bother to put a household spending plan in place, or when they do, they struggle to follow it: because people generally don’t like to be told how to spend their money, regardless of how they might benefit from a structured approach to managing their household finances.

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What We Can Learn from Gen Xers About Managing Our Finances

This article is the second in a series of three that explore what one generation has to teach other generations about money and managing their financial lives. The series began with an article discussing what we can learn from Millennials about managing our money. It continues here with a look at what we can about financial responsibility from members of Generation X.
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What We Can Learn from Millennials About Managing Our Finances

Each generation is defined by a unique set of shared experiences, experiences that shape the choices members of that generation make about money and their finances. Having come of age in the 60s and 70s, amid Watergate and the Vietnam War, Baby Boomers have a flair for independence, even rebelliousness, some would say, but also a tendency toward materialism. Members of Generation X, meanwhile, are caught in the middle —between the analog world in which they grew up and the digital age they have watched emerge as adults, and, from a financial standpoint, between the employer-funded pension plans to which so many of their parents had access and the fund-it-yourself retirement plans that prevail today. Then there are Millennials, digital natives whose apparent sense of financial restraint is born of their experience with economic upheaval, skepticism about the financial “system,” a heavy college loan burden and struggles finding gainful employment.

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